NanoMed Carbon Face Mask

NanoMed Carbon Face Mask


Product Information :

Disposable hygienic Ear-Loop carbon face mask
Filters bacteria, smoke and pollution


Properties :

• 4-layers, ear loop type, size 17.5 x 9.5 cm.
• Activated Carbon layer helps filter odour, smoke and pollution
• High filtration efficiency layer, BFE> 98%. (Bacteria Filtration Efficiency)
• Excellent breathability
• Disposable, light weight, comfortable, odourless
• Nose clip contours to a variety of face’ shapes and sizes
• Latex free, fiberglass free, non-irritating to the skin

Directions :

• Make sure to always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching the mask.
• The side that has plastic wire should be on the upper side, squeezing and adjusting this plastic wire to bend around your nose.
• Turn the darker side of the mask outward.
• Pull the bottom of the mask to cover the mouth and chin.
• To dispose off the mask, wrap in a plastic bag and tie securely. Wash your hands after throwing away the mask.

Remark :

1. For single use only
2. New mask should be replaced when this mask is teared or wet


Pack Size : 50 Sachets/Box

Product availability : Drugstores throughout Thailand