Non-contact infrared thermometer


Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

Product Information :

Non-contact Infrared Thermometer is a hygienic and safe-measure without skin contact, it measures body temperature (forehead fever), surface temperature (water bottles or baby bottles) and room temperature without touching the surface.


Property :

• Measure temperature quickly in 1 second by showing temperature measurement units in both degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit
• Under body mode, there is 3 color backlist
      Green   : Temperature < 37.3 °C (99.1 °F)                              Normal Temperature 
      Orange : Temperature 37.4 °C – 37.9 °C (99.3 °F – 100.2 °F)   Low Fever
      Red      : Temperature > 38 °C (100.4 °F)                               High Fever
   In surface temp mode : : 0° C – 60°C (32°F-140°F)
   In room mode : 0 °C – 40°C (32°F-104°F)
• Precision :   32.0°C- 34.9°C (89.6°F-94.8°F) + 0.3°C (+0.6°F)
                    35.0°C-42.0°C (95°F-107.6°F) +0.2°C (+0.4°F)
                    42.1°C- 43°C (107.8°F-109.2°F) +0.3°C (+0.6°F)
• Memorize the latest temperature value 32 memories and read one hundred thousand times
• Use battery: DC 3 V (2 AA batteries)
• Automatic power-off < 30 seconds, saving energy.
• Weight: 105 grams (not including battery)

How to use :

• Put the battery first. For the first time use or when changing a new battery Wait for the machine to be ready to use for 10-15 minutes.
• Before temperature measurement, sweep the hair or other things that cover the forehead.
• Press the On/Scan button, aim the device at the forehead. Spacing 3-5 cm away from the forehead. When pressing the On / Scan button in standby mode, the device will measure the result within 1 second. The temperature will be displayed on the screen and a beep will sound.

Package size : 1 piece of infrared thermometer, manual, quality certificate card
Product Availability : Drugstores throughout Thailand especially eXta Plus in 7-11